Inquiry for observations by people who claim to be involuntarily connected

to a system capable of communicating invisibly with their brain/nervous system
Symptoms may be so called synthetic telepathy and/or synthetic physical symptoms.

Discuss your experiences with guidance from the numbered questions.

1.When did you first realize that you where connected

2.Do you think something has been done with your body, such as an operation, in order to have you connected.

3.Do you beleive you have electronic things hidden in your body related to this.

If so, would you like help to demonstrate the presence of such hidden objects

4.Have you noticed any difference depending on your location.

5.Have you tried to escape from the situation to find out whether it is possible to shake off the tormentors

6.Have you tried to seek understanding/help within the health services/psychiatry.
If so has anybody there taken you seriously

7.Who do you think is behind this, is it a project directed independently by actors in your present country or are they foreign operators.

8.Do you think the politicians of your present country want the citizens to be subjected to this

9.Do you think the politicians understand that this kind of abuse is going on but don’t dare intervene
or do you think they don’t know that it is going on.

10.Do you think this is going on in many countries and, if so, do you think each country is acting on its own or do you think there is a concerted action.



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